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The female version of "Sausage Fest", "Bro-BQ", etc. Describes a party where the female to guy ratio is very high.
Partier 1: "Hey friend, what's the deal with the party you're at right now?"

Partier 2: "You've got to get over here ASAP, it's a complete Meow Mixer. I'm only one of five guys here, we're drowning in estrogen right meow."
by Picklesnshakes August 9, 2009
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The information used by people claiming to know a lot about politics, but in actuality, they just knows about the policies of Barack Obama that were made public knowledge via television commercials during the election.
Man 1: "I'm really glad that President Obama is passing that economic stimulus package, it'll really help people out."

Man 2: "I agree, I just hope that nothing on the scale of Watergate or Monica Lewinski hits this administration."

Man 1: "What's Watergate? Who's Monica Lewinski?"

Man 2: "I see you're well-versed in Obamatics."
by Picklesnshakes March 6, 2009
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Established in 1870, The Ohio State University system consists of a main (Columbus) campus and several regional campuses located elsewhere in the state. The main campus is a comprehensive research institution, with colleges of agriculture, dentistry, law, medicine, and veterinary medicine. Research facilities include a transportation research center, a freshwater laboratory, a supercomputer center, and a polar research center.

Notable landmarks at Ohio State include "The Oval"; a giant, "O" shaped field in the center of campus known for being a popular hangout destination during the warmer months, Mirror Lake, a small pond located in central campus which is most famous for the annual "Mirror Lake Jump" which occurs every year on the Thursday before the Ohio State-Michigan Game which is done to resurrect the spirit of former head coach Woody Hayes; and the Oxley Memorial Library, which stands vigil on the west peak of The Oval.

Ohio State University's mascot is the Buckeye, which, unlike many universities, shares its mascot with no other university in the nation.

And, of course, like Woody Hayes put it, "Muck Fichigan".
"This year's Ohio State-Michigan game is going to be nuts."
by Picklesnshakes February 12, 2009
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Simply put; your Facebook inbox, used for storing Facebook messages. Now one of three ways to send messages over Facebook.
I tried to fim you yesterday but you must have been afk so I sent you a message. Check your finbox when you get back on.
by Picklesnshakes September 16, 2009
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The greatest football coach that ever lived.
God: "I am so proud to have made Woody Hayes."
by Picklesnshakes February 12, 2009
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