the most fucking gnarley man alive. Said to be the only chance for america. Also can be used as a word to describe someone who is awesome in a extreme way. Also can be used to describe awesome objects.
Dude this ganj is straight obama
by dylanadamtori October 24, 2008
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One of the best presidents of all time. He is working for reform and change in this messed up country(caused mainly by that fat ass named Bush) by his health care reform bill which is helping those less fortunate people (Who don't have time to be on urban dictionary!) gain good health care. he is making foreign relations better and he's moving towards a greener earth :)
America needs Obama right now.

Obama is helping those less fortunate
by milkshaikh40 November 02, 2010
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1. noun: among certain youth and young professionals, slang for marijuana. The origin of the term comes from Barack Obama's admitted regular marijuana use in high school.
Me and Jo-Jo went to the corner, bought us some obama, rolled that shit, and now we gonna smoke us a fatty.
by Zeke Jones February 16, 2007
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One who pisses off members of the Ku Klux Klan and they can't do jack about it!
by anbeezy April 27, 2009
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A Harvard Law graduate who served as the president of the Law Review. People criticize that other minorities are only voting for him because of his mixed race but those same people neglect that Kennedy(Catholic)also got 95% of the Catholic vote...people want what's representative of them and in no way does that lessen the candidate's qualification.
McCain graduated 894 of 899 from his class at a Naval Academy and dude cheated on his 1st wife who was deformed to be with some rich heiress.
McCain supporters are frightened white men-- Obama is for the educated voters.
by Sandradi September 15, 2008
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The 44th president of the world, That is going to make a change!
Hi Mr.President nice to meet you, Obama:Im here to make a change!
by strikefear January 10, 2009
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An Obama is crazy awesome, willing to change the world for the better, kicks bush's ass, and last but not least is black.
Barack Obama is classified as an Obama because he fits the criteria above.
by Leggiooo January 21, 2009
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