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A real inspiration that turns out to be sort of a disappointment during the first year or so, but eventually turns out to be better than most after it overcomes several very nasty obstacles and much irrelevant and under-handed muck-raking.
'I was so happy when I first got my Obama, but then it didn't seem to be working out the way it was advertised. Then, after a while I came to appreciate it despite various negative Nancies saying it was counterfeit junk and made overseas.'
by JohnBurgundy March 07, 2010

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Reigned supreme as American President from 1980-1988. Always talking about lowering taxes and small government, but, in fact tripled the national debt during his 2 terms and whose administration produced several scandals, though he was ignorant of these misdeeds. He never really did anything positive to speak of. The Soviets did go bankrupt at some point during or after his rule and there could be a correlation drawn there, but it was inevitable and less his doing than the doing of the military industrial complex. Most likely, his popularity is celebrated by ignorant conservatives (and the super rich) who enjoy hearing buzz words and don't look at the facts.

He is funny to watch on youtube cuz he is painfully ignorant and condescending in his famous lil retort, 'Heh, there you go again.' In reference to his opponents' arguments during debate.
'What? You think that the economy was good during the 80s? You're a real Reagan.'

'Man, I can't believe how little research you've done, you f**cking Reagan!'

'Stop talking out of your a**, Reagan.'

A response to someone who doesn't seem to know what they are talking about:

'Okay, Reagan.'

'Man, I think I huffed glue too long yesterday, I feel like a real Reagan!'
by JohnBurgundy March 07, 2010

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Verb: To cheat; To high-jack; To ruin;

Noun: A farce; A bold-faced liar; A coke-head; A simpleton; A Joe Six-pack who simple people can relate to but is as dull as a doorknob; An act of trickery
Used as a verb:

'She wasn't fairly elected, somebody really bushed that election.'

'Somebody bushed those planes and flew them into those buildings.'

'Damn, that guy threw up all over me, my leather pants are bushed.'


'Hey you bush, I'm not gonna buy the bridge in brooklyn from you!'

'So, we bought 2 grams and that bush snorted almost the whole thing by himself!'

'He might be innocent, but I wouldn't trust that bush to be my president.'

'That was a real bush job that guy pulled on me when I bought that snake oil off him.'
by JohnBurgundy March 07, 2010

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