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an Orwellian term corporate owned politicians use to describe laws intended to weaken unions and drive down wages
The company demanded the workers take a huge pay cut, but since the factory was in a state with a right to work law the union lacked the clout to stand up for the workers and were forced to accept the companies demands.
by Mr.Juan-derful June 6, 2010
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a politician who is supported by their constituents but not the party establishment
Joe Lieberman lost the Democratic primary for the Senate, he ran as an Independent in the General Election and won.

Lisa Murkowski lost the Republican primary for the Senate, she ran as an Independent in the General Election and won.

Lieberman and Murkowski are People's Candidates!
by Mr.Juan-derful December 26, 2011
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A strange phenomenon in which someone usually a Bushnesiac suddenly switches from being a Bush Basher to being an Obama basher
George W Bush was a disaster as president he took a record budget surplus and turned it into a record deficit, wrecked the economy and started a senseless war in Iraq, many people rightfully bashed the Bush administration for these things. Now however the Bush to Obama phenomenon has many of the former Bush bashers blaming all these things on Obama and bashing him.
by Mr.Juan-derful August 28, 2010
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A term for Ronald Reagan ,George H. W. Bush, and George W Bush the 3 presidents who created 90% of America's national debt
When Jimmy Carter left office America's total national debt was less than $1 trillion by the time George W Bush left office the national debt was $10 trillion, Reagan and the Bushes created 90% of America's national debt, known as the National Debt Trifecta.
by Mr.Juan-derful April 26, 2010
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term coined by Tom Griswold of The Bob and Tom Show for a song that really sucks bad
Hey, have you heard Lady Gaga's latest audio-turd?
by Mr.Juan-derful December 24, 2010
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When a man is not really gay but is extremely awkward around women, becoming nervous, tongue-tied etc. like the way Gilligan would react to Ginger on "Gilligan's Island"
Last night at the bar this really hot chick was hitting on my friend Steve, but he got all Gilligan Gay on her and totally blew it.
by Mr.Juan-derful January 4, 2010
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