Wealthy"do gooders" who falsely claim to care about the rights and misfortunes of the more needy in society, while they do nothing about the plight of those less fortunate, other than talk about how righteous and virtuous they themselves are, while sipping their $6 Starbucks double skim latte. They fancy themselves as morally superior to YOU!
Those "liberal elite" make me want to puke!
by SoulSqwusher January 12, 2023
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1. Anyone who does not view cross burning as a valid form of dispute resolution.
2. Anyone with a high school education.
"I'm sick o' them liberal elites always usin' facts and statistics to tell me why I shouldn't hate moslems!"
by F. O'Bannion September 10, 2011
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what some retards believe is real. the same people that believe in a liberal elite also believe in black helicopters, illuminati, the da vinci code, aliens, creationism and bigfoot.
Art Bell: tonight on coast to coast am, wel'll talk about the liberal elite. also, george washington, was he bigfoot reincarnated and did he plan for the american government to be a puppet for martians?
by Phil the Pill September 6, 2006
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Elite (liberal) is an association of the cool people at high school that are popular, wear Pac Sun clothes, smoke weed, skateboard, do poorly in school, not involved in organizations, anti-establishment, are surfers, and get in trouble with the law. The opposite of Elite (liberal) is Elite (conservative).
On the weekdays, Matt, an elite (liberal), is stoned during class, but on the weekends he surfs, then goes out at night to get wasted, only to get busted by the cops.
by Aussiegoat5 September 21, 2005
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