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The Messiah for brain-dead Democrats.
No matter what he says, no matter what he does, they'll worship the great Obama.
by plasmacobalt July 10, 2008

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A moribund metaphor meaning "out of control in love." But, think about it. Aren't you head over heels every day? Shouldn't it be "heels over head in love"?
"Ah, she was nothing special. I'm only head over heels for Angelina. But I'm heels over head in love with Sandra."
by plasmacobalt March 08, 2006

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When you can't get your lizard to stand up.
He never had a reptile dysfunction until he reached 70.
by plasmacobalt June 23, 2009

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When Prince changed his name to the symbol he combined the old symbol for woman (Venus, the archetypal woman) and Man (Mars, the archetypal man). So, the symbol is pronounced MarVen for Mars and Venus.
Hey, MarVen, you're such a tool.
by Plasmacobalt January 22, 2006

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To flip someone off by scratching your cheek with your middle finger. You do this so that you can flip someone off and still pretend to be above that sort of thing.
I thought he was different until he Obamafingered her on the stage . . . in front of everyone . . . and everyone knew what he was doing . . . and they'll still vote for him.
by plasmacobalt April 26, 2008

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Didn't Even Leave The Airport.
"Hey, I thought you were going to New York?"

"No, my flight was on Delta aka delta (airlines)."
by plasmacobalt February 16, 2006

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Never Underestimate the Media’s Ability to Get It Wrong

Do they ever even try to get it right? Time after time the media reports things that just aren’t true. After 9-11 they reported nearly 6,000 dead. The terrorists killed about 3,000 and the media counted each person twice. What about the bombs on the GW bridge? And just about any breaking news is usually reported with inaccurate “facts” the first few times they report on it. Would anyone accept that from any other institution?

But that’s okay according to “the media” because it’s more important to get the news out fast. WTF?
“Sorry, Teacher. I know I got every answer on the test wrong. But I got it done faster than anyone else in class. So, I should still get an A!”

“Sorry Mr. Smith. We changed your tires instead of fixing the problem with your breaks and you got into an accident and killed three people. But look it this way, we got your car back to ya faster than any other shop would have.”

"The news said that Bush knew about 9-11 before it happened."

by plasmacobalt February 16, 2006

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