Literally a shortened version of saying "Ok" or "Okay"
Guy 1: Can you get my glass o' water over there?
Guy 2: Oak
Guy 1: Oak? Are you fuckin' retarded?
Guy 2: Oak
Guy 1: Uh...
Guy 2: O A K.
Guy 1: Ok...
Guy 2: There ya go
Guy 1: ????
by Ceri Tsujimura September 12, 2018
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stupid, fail, opposite of swag. started on facebook by a kid named sean. there is no remembrance of why or how, but it is used frequently as an insult among the teenagers in a town in south jersey, where it originated.
guy one- "look at this new snapback i got!"
guy two- "that's a fitted."
guy one- "i'm gonna wear it anyway."
guy two- "you're so oaks."
by audreniline August 08, 2012
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Meanings: To “get one over” on someone.

The action of stealing something.
Loosely used as a term to describe any action you want.
I totally "oaked" these sunglasses from the store.

I'm gonna oak at Walmart tonight.

Andy got “oaked” HARD, when his old cellies gangbanged his girlfriend.
by Sweetlea82 July 27, 2019
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Origin- the Oakland A's (a Decent, mediocre, or Okay Baseball team)

If something is okay, or a girl is okay looking, she would be Oakland A's or in short, Oaks.

You can stress how Oaks a person is by adding Ser (short for serious).
"Lindsey Vonn is Oaks!"

"Ser, Oaks!"
by The Rocks February 13, 2010
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Australians have long enjoyed the deliciously creamy taste of OAK flavoured milk because OAK is like a traditional and authentic milkshake - the way a flavoured milk should be!
by Mariami October 22, 2007
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