When someone with hot ass breath comes and talks in your face
Person 1: he always doing oak, he needs to brush his teeth
Person 2: I know right
by 390088577 April 26, 2017
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An insult meaning slow, dumb, stupid, or dense.

If someone does something dumb as fuck this is what you call them.
"You fucking oak," says Person A.
"Man, that's so mean!" says Person B.
by baddiewithaphattie420 August 03, 2020
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Used to describe when one man is trying to convince a girl to dump her current boyfriend and go with him.
She is so fine. I gotta oaks her away from that guy she is with.
by big_bfb November 08, 2004
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an alternate name for the every-man-for-himself basketball game called 21. This name is used interchangably with "21" in parts of New York and New Jersey.
Player 1: Yo, son, let's play Oak.
Player 2: What the hell is Oak?
Player 1: It's 21, bitch.
Player 2: Oh, 21, aiight, my b.
by kmf January 04, 2007
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Industrial metal band based in the Wyre Forest. Gets through a helluva lot of bassists.
"You going to watch the OAK gig tonight?"
by the_neognostic August 24, 2008
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