Another way to say "idk" according to Shannon Claire
by nathbomb June 24, 2017
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Oak a better and happier definition of okay it lightens the word up a little and it's fun to say and doesn't seem as depressing as replying with the word okay when you are asked how you are doing. Try it after a few times it sticks!
"Hey, how you doing ?" "I'm oak."
"Can you do this for me?" "Oak!"
by Mrtoxic557 March 12, 2020
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Oak is a very tall cucasion male, he is nice at times but if you get on his bad side it'll look like a bloody accident, he has had many relationship screw ups, he makes allot of mistakes. He loves sports but sometimes can be a crybaby
Dayum he is tall, his name should be Oak
by Readyguys October 01, 2018
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