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Person, male or female.
Common South African slang.
Person 1: What's that oak doing?
Person 2: Stupid idiot, the oak's just caught himself on fire.
by Miss Mac January 19, 2009
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A random guy in a lab coat who captures animals and gives them to people he barely knows for free while teaching them the means used to capture more.
Man is that guy giving out free puppies at the supermarket.
Yea, he's such an Oak.
by thatpirateguy May 24, 2011
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The same thing as Wood-Grain. It is the wood grip that adorns the steering wheels of many expensive cars.
"I'm grippin' oak. Music loud and I'm tippin' slow."--Chamillionaire
by Trey Fitzgerald May 21, 2006
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an alternate name for the every-man-for-himself basketball game called 21. This name is used interchangably with "21" in parts of New York and New Jersey.
Player 1: Yo, son, let's play Oak.
Player 2: The fuck is Oak?
Player 1: It's 21, bitch.
Player 2: Oh, 21, aiight, my b.
by kmf January 02, 2007
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stupid, fail, opposite of swag. started on facebook by a kid named sean. there is no remembrance of why or how, but it is used frequently as an insult among the teenagers in a town in south jersey, where it originated.
guy one- "look at this new snapback i got!"
guy two- "that's a fitted."
guy one- "i'm gonna wear it anyway."
guy two- "you're so oaks."
by audreniline August 08, 2012
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Origin- the Oakland A's (a Decent, mediocre, or Okay Baseball team)

If something is okay, or a girl is okay looking, she would be Oakland A's or in short, Oaks.

You can stress how Oaks a person is by adding Ser (short for serious).
"Lindsey Vonn is Oaks!"

"Ser, Oaks!"
by The Rocks February 13, 2010
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Australians have long enjoyed the deliciously creamy taste of OAK flavoured milk because OAK is like a traditional and authentic milkshake - the way a flavoured milk should be!
by Mariami October 22, 2007
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