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1. (Noun)

Professor Oak.

A rugged, elderly gentleman with gray hair and black eyebrows. Also a sexual tyrannosaurus, and a complete badass.

2. (Verb)

UNC To Professor Oak.

PPS Professor Oaking.

PST Professor Oaked.

PS Professor Oaks.

Background Information:
Professor Oak is a male scientist who studies Pokemon.
It is well-known that Professor Oak is not the slightest bit afraid to give his balls to little children.

Professor Oak sent Ash Kechum on a quest to collect every pokemon and complete a pokedex. Oak specifically kept a pokemon Ash would need to complete the pokedex. This happened mainly because Professor Oak wanted Ash out of the house so he could hook up with Ash's mom.

Professor Oak successfully stopped the JFK assassination from occurring by deflecting the magic bullet with a thrown pokeball. JFK's head exploded out of sheer amazement.

At any given time, Professor Oak has SIMULTANEOUS HOES. He frequents the Holiday Inn and participates in many hotel parties.

The movie "Collateral" (Starring Tom Cruise and Jamie Foxx) is based upon the life and adventures of Professor Oak.

In the game "DOOM," the main character was modeled after a young Professor Oak (while he was in the United States Space Marines).
1. (Noun) My dad is such a Professor Oak. He cheats on Mom every day with several bitches whom he cares nothing about. When Mom tries to say something about it he strangles her... and right as she is about to faint he lets go and headbutts her in the forehead.

2. (Verb) Last night, after Lisa got good and wasted, I totally fuckin' Professor Oaked that bitch.

Are you alright?
Yeah... but I don't think the blood stains will ever come out of my shoes.
by Oo_Raab_oO September 30, 2009
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