When your emotions are extremely high and someone has to talk to you so you'll call down
I had to get talked down after the game because I was so mad now I'm normal
by Jill Fill January 9, 2017
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To talk someone down is to speak to them in a soothing voice in an attempt to calm them down, especially when they're vomit-drunk or having a bad trip. This usually takes place behind or next to the person having a bad trip, in front of a bathroom mirror in a stranger's house while your best friend is curled up in a ball in the bathtub and someone already has the toilet.
I wanted to roll over and die after the third hit, but thanks to Derek talking me down I was okay.

She should be alright after a good talk down.
by anglosaxophone September 7, 2015
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Speaking about someone or something negatively
"out of towners be runnin around, runnin they mouth and talking down but you don't know nothing bout my town better hold it down or move around!-Paul Wall
by STAR AND CEO July 27, 2004
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To speak to someone or about something in a condescending manner or tone.
Uncle Shane, why do you talk down about gay people all the time?
by D. Y. Vetz October 4, 2019
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To talk someone down, in an act to make them not do something. Most likely something harmful or life threatening, like suicide. To talk someone down off the metaphorical cliff they stand on.
I was on the brink of just ending it all, but my friend came and talked me down.

I have talked someone down from suicide.

I really just need someone to talk me down.
by dkladored February 13, 2017
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This is an old phrase that has become condesed and reversed in the original meaning. Originally to be in a tree was to be stuck somewhere mentally, emotionally or situationally that you could not easily escape from on your own. The proverbial cat stuck in a tree that the proverbial fireman needs to rescue. Of course, cats are perfectly capable of getting out of trees, which is why we do not see many cat skeletons in trees. However, it is not uncommon to see a fellow human, so distraught be whatever is affecting them, they they have lost their way and cannot see a way out. Proverbially, they are stuck in a tree and need someone to talk them down, out of their tree.
My life had dust gone insane, fortunately Jimmy came over and talked me down, out of my tree.

Beck: Sarah Palin "talked me down out of my tree" after my "one moment of real fear"
by Thralkhar April 18, 2017
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