1. A person who believes in almost anything that apple says and gives into it's marketing strategy. 2. A prime target for apple marketers to impose their superfluously costing products to. 3. A person who honestly believes that Windows XP or Vista is Archaic, Inferior, Does Not Work, or just plain ripped off ideas from the Mac OS. 4. One who waits in line for days in some instances, for Apple keynote speeches. 5. One who believes adding an "i" prefix to anything is automatically superior to anything that does not have an "i" in front of it.
Most apple fanboys will possess three or more of the following:

1. iPod
2. iPhone
3. Macbook
4. iMac
5. Mac Pro
6. 3 or more Apple Connector Cables
7. A membership at Macheist.com

by audiomind5 January 14, 2009
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A bunch of people brainwashed by a giant company called Apple. Who only knows what Apple had told them is good. They all at least fit in one of these silly scenarios:

- Go and hate all competition, pretending only Apple shall exist in the mobile gadget market

- Think Apple devices have the best benchmark scores on earth, esp. believe iPad is the most powerful tablet on earth while ignoring Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 has real multitasking that iPad never have.

- Go live in the concealed Apple planet and never see the day of light.

- Thinking a Mac computer never need any modern functions as those in PC. They don't need games, optical drives and blu-ray encoding in their Macs.

- He has no problems with Apple softwares, so are you! Don't shout out any problems you have with Apple softwares because those Fanbois assumes Apple software are free of that.

- Love to buy tons of accessories for their Apple devices, like plastic cases for their aluminium iPhones/iPads

- Own iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad at the same time do the same thing on each one

- Always hate Samsung for no reason, but ignoring their iOS devices are mostly produced by Samsung

- Always believe Apple creates, others only steal from Apple

Strangely with all the Apple Fanbois around, Apple still brings up a "Why you will love iPhone/iPad" campaign to gain back fanbois confidence toward Apple.
PC guy: Hey, my PC has blu-ray encoding, how about your Mac?

Apple fanboy: Who needs blu-ray anyway?

Android user: I am so happy with the quad-core CPU in my Android phone, your iPad doesn't seem to have that?

Apple fanboy: Go get a life Fandroid, we don't need quad-core CPU to run iOS.
by HKwan March 30, 2013
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People that are addicted to spending their money on Apple products.
Im not going to use Android. Im an apple fanboy.
by MrDogeReptilian October 22, 2015
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An advocate of Apple/Mac products.
Tyler is such an Apple Fanboy he would buy an iToaster if Apple sold toasters!
by tdurd January 2, 2012
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Someone who bows before an apple shrine 2 times a day (sunrise and sunset). Usually ignorant and having a go at Microsoft and Google nerds.
- Have you seen that ignorant prick applefboy spreading his crap about Microsoft all over Twitter?
- Yeah, what an apple fanboy!
by applefboy November 12, 2010
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An Apple Fanboy fits under 1 or more of the following:

1. They literally sacrifice their life, family and job, and go in the extreme by waiting outside the Apple Store a day before it's new line release- sometimes days and weeks!

2. They own a Mac, iPhone, or any other Apple product, and refuse to believe that Samsung or Google is better.

3. They're completely mind obsessed with Apple, and have all the latest Apple Tech.

4. They think that Android always copy iOS, and refuse to believe that the technology Apple has been around for years.

5. They haven't tried any other device exepct for Apple.
Normal Person: *Sees Apple Fanboy waiting for the iPhone 6s outside the Apple Store 2 weeks before its release* "Hey! What are you doing outside in the rain."

Fanboy: Waiting for the 6s, idiot!

Normal Person: Have you tried the S6? Way better then that Apple shit you're getting. I didn't have to wait outside for the S6.

Fanboy: Whatever! Your Samsung sucks ass. Get lost!

Normal Person: He will always be a Apple Fanboy
by HynotisisAnime February 18, 2016
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A socially underdeveloped, typically male individual who derives their sense of self-worth through Apple products. Thus any attack on Apple as a company is a direct insult to their self-worth (and in many cases core masculinity). Many also strangely demonstrate their loyalty and fealty to Apple through bragging about how large an Apple device they can insert into their rectum (along with achieving their greatest level of sexual satisfaction).
Joe's such an Apple Fanboy... he's gotten a Trashcan Mac Pro inside him.
by whackedman March 6, 2018
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