Omnis all scientia knowledge Latin OMNI-SCIENCE Knowing all = infinite intelligence
A being of omniscience knows all.
by EGMAG December 27, 2007
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One having total knowledge
No mortal being is omniscient, though this could be used to state that some person knows almost everything about a thing.
- omniscient God
- the omniscient narrator
by smart person December 24, 2004
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The name of the Administrator on the largest MyBB forum otherwise known as Hackforums.
Omniscient doesnt know fuck all about running a server.
by Anonymous235 November 25, 2011
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A greasy frustrated middleage cuckold who can not accept the fact that people have different opinions other than his, so he likes to abuse his power by banning people in order to feed his ego.
- Dude Omniscient (hackforums) banned me because he does not agree with my opinion.
- Well did you see his face on youtube? He does look like he has mild retardation. Just ignore him.
by iammiddleage August 17, 2018
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A third person narrator is OUTSIDE of the story being told.

Omniscient narrator are "all knowing" of everyone's thoughts and feelings in a story. Limited omniscient narrators are all-knowing of either one or a few characters in a story--not everyone.
ummmm. The definition descirbes it enough. Limited Omniscient
by rex brandy September 8, 2008
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Knowledge of all possible pasts, presents, and futures in a quantum universe, limited by the impossibility of knowing which possible future will be observed.
As a being with Schrödinger's Omniscience, God knows your future, because he knows all possible futures, but you are free to choose which future you will know.
by Hideous Monster November 7, 2007
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An extreme version of the concept of the "Unwritten Rule", in this case for the Irish people but can apply for community. Irish Omniscience is when a foreigner doesn't know something that all Irish people some how know from birth through a commonly shared telepathy and/or social ques.
~Foreigner: So where is the bus stop?
~Irish Person: It's that tree over there, sher.
~Foreigner: How was I meant to find that out?
~Irish Person: Ah, sher, You just know.
~Foreigner: So it's Irish-Omniscience.
~Irish Person: It is, now.
by The Lumzz May 28, 2017
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