An underage girl who intentionally exposes their nude pictures and videos of themselves participating in sexual activities such as; masturbation and intercourse. Usually, they expose themselves in a edit used by the app, Funimate. "Foreigner" is a song made by the late rapper, Pop Smoke. This song is normally used in these edits. For short, this is now a challenge called, "The Foreigner Challenge." *If you see any posts or reposts of these edits, report them or report the account immediately.*
Have you heard about this edit of this girl? People call her a Foreigner now.
by curiosity is near May 5, 2020
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A word uses to describe females who have posted or shared explicit pictures of themselves.
Poppa: Ayy that bitch a foreigner ?
Jimmy: yeh she’s the foreigner that got her pics leaked
by Rippop May 6, 2020
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When you masturbate with your weaker hand. The unfamiliarity of the weak hand and poor rhythm simulates somebody else performing the act.
I'm feeling frisky tonight. I'm gonna go home and have a foreigner!
by QTMcWhiskers March 24, 2009
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One of the greatest bands of the 80s. With Lou Gramm's excellent vocal strength backed by cool electric guitars and awesome keyboards, Foreigner quickly became one of the most popular bands in the late 70s/early 80s. Foreigner was first formed in 1977, with the two main members: Lou Gramm from New York, and Mick Jones from England. Their greatest hits were "Feels Like The First Time", "Hot Blooded", "Urgent", "Waiting For A Girl Like You", "Jukebox Hero", "I Want To Know What Love Is" and "Heart Turns To Stone". This band is definitely a MUST-SEE.
Foreigner had over 20 major hits, and 6 CDs that were great commercial successes. To see bands similar to Foreigner, see Journey and Survivor.
by Ryan October 17, 2004
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Someone who is fresh off the boat(with or without money) to America and doesn't know it's rude to yell 'Wasabe!' from the third row of a basketball game when Yao Ming makes a free throw. Probably says nigger alot in private as well.
America has loads of no class foreigners who steal all the best girls and they aren't even black!
by major_delmac March 12, 2005
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A boy named keon who let loose and he finger himself everyday
Damn cuh that boy keon a foreigner
by rawdollunknown April 29, 2020
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Someone who doesn't come from America.
American: "Where am I? Paris? That's near Idaho right? What are all these foreigners doing here?"
by Phantom Definition Writer November 12, 2005
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