Oh My Eggs!

When a male is in a situation where it's so annoying that it's hurting his testicle. The term is inspired from the classic OMG
Moustafa: Alex, Alex, Alex, Alex, Aleeeeeeex

Alex: OME
by Real_Alex October 1, 2020
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Oh My Edward, an alternative for Oh My Carlisle, also known as OMC, or OMG. Edward refers to the inhumanly gorgeous Cullen vampire that is Bella's fiancée in the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer.
Usable as well as "Oh My Emmett" (also from Twilight.)
Rosalie: Alice, look at those shoes!!
Alice: OME, They're so CUTE!!
Edward: Hang on...That's me. O.O
by Ninja Emmett March 25, 2008
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OH MY EVOLUTION. Similar in context as o.m.g., but this is the more accurate and progressive approach to describe a sudden emotional occurrence. First two words are the same, but evolution replaces god for obvious reasons.
Hey Chelsea, check out these tickets I just got us for the concert!
OME Arturo!! I thought it was sold out, I'm so excited now!
by ah24781 October 1, 2012
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OME, That is some good bacon!
OME, Have you seen Carla lately?
by TheViewerMarcus October 14, 2013
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Old Man Emu

A suspension brand for offroading. It is a expensive high quality brand.
Hey Billy i just bought a OME suspension kit for my Jeep!
by gooch-getta June 12, 2009
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Other than the definition:
Oh My Edward
(a now common alternative for OMC- oh my Carlisle)
which refers to the Twilight Books and Movies
OME can also stand for Oh My Earth
used by people who can be seriously against blaspheming or just by people who don't want to say god. bit like Oh My Goodness.
1. Oh My Edward
Girl 1: Did you see New Moon yet?
Girl 2: OME of course, Edward is sooo hot in it.

2. Oh My Earth
Guy: they want to cut all the trees down
Girl : OME! They can't!
by Smooth-Talker June 21, 2009
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1. A living Boogeh-er.
2. The molester of Parasite, Diamondninja, and Bob.
3. The dance Dance Revolution King of England.
4. The Princess of BlitzRO.
1. * ome-ome molests diamond
<diamondninja> OMGoose i just got molested by Ome-Ome!
2. * PseudoShadow uses the useless ursine ute to usurp the unscrupulous ome-ome, who's also an unlucky unlearned unkempt pair of underpants
3. * ome-ome dances
by diamondninja-Victom- March 28, 2005
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