A incredibly intelligent man who walks around with a calm confidence stemming, in part, from his massive penis size. This is combined with kindness.
Julia: Oh my god, did you see how John just went over there and bought that little girl ice cream for her birthday?
Amanda: He walked like Moustafa.
by msquard March 18, 2017
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The act of collecting the pubic hair from everyone in your immediate family, gluing it around your ass and shitting while onlookers clap, giggling "Moustafa!"
Moustafa! Moustafa! Moustafa!
by Claude Jr. November 03, 2006
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A hoe. He hates talking to girls. He will reject any girl that comes his way. Everyone wants to fight him. But usually one girl doesn't like him but still cares about him if he gets in fights. And he also does random bird calls. and everyone thinks he gay because he wont talk to girls.
boy1: did you see moustafa today, i'm going to bet his ass today
boy2: yea he keeps pushing me because he thinks it's funny, ill help you.

Girl that use to like moustafa feels bad for moustafa but shes know moustafa wont talk to her because shes a girl even tho shes muslim like him.
by Memeish February 17, 2017
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A guy that will only text you if he wants ass
Moustafa only texts girls to f**k
by shawtynextdoor April 22, 2018
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Usually a dogmatic and censorious male, who enjoys little children.
That man was a convicted pedophile. He was a moustafa.

Don't bring that moustafa 'round the Pre-school no more, its dangerous.
by kaspersky March 23, 2008
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