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A incredibly intelligent man who walks around with a calm confidence stemming, in part, from his massive penis size. This is combined with kindness.
Julia: Oh my god, did you see how John just went over there and bought that little girl ice cream for her birthday?
Amanda: He walked like Moustafa.
by msquard March 18, 2017
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The chosen one, when you see a Moustafa you would want him to be your friend. He is a man of honor, he exceeds all expectations. He will always be there for you, but no one loves him. );
Random guy: Oh its Moustafa, this guy is a nerd.
by Moose the Moose March 30, 2020
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A guy that will only text you if he wants ass
Moustafa only texts girls to f**k
by shawtynextdoor December 26, 2017
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A random guy who just likes to brag..and hes very competitive.
by Kayla deer October 29, 2018
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The act of collecting the pubic hair from everyone in your immediate family, gluing it around your ass and shitting while onlookers clap, giggling "Moustafa!"
Moustafa! Moustafa! Moustafa!
by Claude Jr. November 3, 2006
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Moustafa is means “The Chosen One” and is an Arabic name.
He is the most caring, kind and loving man you’ll ever meet and once he cares for you, you’re safe.

He would do absolutely everything for his family and loved ones without blinking an eye. He would make the best husband and father.

He is very observing, laid back and quiet - especially when hurt. He doesn’t like to talk about his feelings and often feels misunderstood from others because his mindset is so creative and challenging - he sees the world and sees more to the world than most people. He likes to think outside the box, escape the small talks and dig into deeper thoughts. He is a true challenge - he will challenge your opinions, your mentality and make you question everything about yourself and your beliefs, push you out of your own head.

He is beautiful inside out, without realizing it himself - very handsome and always aim to be good looking, uses tons of perfume so he always smells amazing.

A true perfectionist at work and never leaves the house with an un ironed shirt.

Anyone should be blessed to have a Moustafa in their life.
by Bjiucstbbkk November 22, 2021
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