The most beautiful and amazing girl you will ever meet in your entire life. Rosalie is sweet, smart, compassionate, caring, and funny. From her silky, flowing hair, to her intelligent eyes, her amazing smile, and her fantastic body, you go into a trance every time you see her. She's a nerd, but a hot nerd, and always has a way to make you feel comfortable and at ease. Whenever you see her, it brightens up your day. She is kind to everyone, and is an amazing singer and actor. She's destined to be a broadway actress one day. You wish you were her boyfriend, but you feel she's too good for you. Rosalie is a gift from heaven and a blessing to this Earth.
Person 1: Soo... I talked to Rosalie the other day.
Person 2: WAAT! Aw lucky! She's awesome.
Person 1: I know.
Rosalie: Hey!
(Person 1 and 2 faint)
by whatcanisay¯\_(ツ)_/¯ July 2, 2013
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Rosalie is a kind girl. When you see her, you feel something you haven’t felt in your life. Long hair, mainly brown, she makes your heart beat even faster than you can. She got a good body, in the average, but you know she got something in her head. She is really intelligent, not a Nerd, but she is in your enrich class. She got good curves and if you had to choose between a ton of girls, you would probably choose her as your girl for you.
First boy: I saw Rosalie at the swimming pool.
Second boy: did you look at her ass?
First boy: yes, it was fabulous...
Second Boy: I told you she had good curves
Rosalie comes to you: what are you talking about?
You then faint...
by ThatGuy!?! January 6, 2018
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Probably the most amazing girl that you will ever met in your life. Sometimes she will misunderstand you, sometimes she might make mistakes, but every bad character trait is eclipsed by her amazing personality, her amazing sense of humour and her untouchable beauty.

Besides her amazing character, she tops all that by being smart and hard working, even if she will never admit it. She is sometimes a nerd and other times the "bad bitch" type, but always loyal and caring. If you ever get a Rosalie in your life, don't miss out on her, never cheat on her and always treat her right.
Rob: Yo, this Rosalie girl is quite good for you fam, what are you waiting for?

You: I think she deserves way more.

Rob: Fam, this is wifey material, go for it!
by TheOneAndOnly98 February 4, 2021
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Rosalie -
A bright and spirited person. She is always seems happy but has a more complicated personality than she lets off. Rosalie has great sense of humour but is very dirty minded.

She acts dumb but is actually intelligent!
Rosalie does not follow the crowd and is proud to be different.
Rosalie has large green eyes, she is petite and has fab curves!
Words for Rosa: Beautiful, Inquisitive, Magnetic
"Oooooh Rosalie you can bite me."
"Rosa is the best I have"
"So sexy you could be a Rosa"
by gingerninjaaaaa October 18, 2011
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Rosalie is a large-breasted, compassionate, articulate, intelligent and attractive woman who always puts those around her needs' before her own.

She thinks she best in people but is often disappointed and has a gift for creative activities.

by LeveeBreaker October 5, 2008
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A bit of a loner but fights to the death for those that she loves. Moody and odd but always makes you laugh. Loves to paint, sing, write and read. A bit of a hermit.
That girl is really quite, Do you think she is a Rosalie??
by RMalde October 13, 2011
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My name

A sensitive and shy girl. She is tall and skinny and has no idea how pretty she really is. She works hard at school and gets good grades which match her effort. She has blue eyes and brown wavy hair. She is an amazing dancer, but hates everyone to see her dance. She is strangely good at maths and physics even though she is a girly girl
Rosalie Is SUPER nice
by YoshiieBear October 17, 2017
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