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A nice guy who looks like a good person but his heart is even better.If he says he loves you,he means it.Usually he attracts a lot of people through his humor and sarcasm.He is a great person to go out with
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Arturo is a really unique type of guy to find. He is very caring, hardworking, and very loveable and loyal. He picks one persons broken pieces and put it all together. When he says he really loves you, he really means it. Hes also a very BRAVE man who really isn't afraid of anything or anyone, so don't mess with an Arturo. He also like to protect what is his so don't try and take from him. Hes really the sweetest guy you can find.
Damn, Arturo is such a sweet guy
by Hahasikeboii September 21, 2018
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Sexy Italian and Russian version of the name Arthur. While Arthur is just a stupid name, Arturo will certainly increase your sexual appeal.
Have you seen that asshole Arthur?

No, but I did see that sexy Arturo!
by SexyRussian June 17, 2008
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Arturo is one of the most sarcastic people you'll meet. He's super smart and funny. He does what's needed with lots of humor. Arturo is one of the best men you'll ever meet. He's super hot, although others might not see, he has a sexual lure about him.
Arturo can help you, if you ask him.
by hungry4you November 18, 2017
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a guy that is shy and doesn't really know how to show his feelings, but deep down when he says he loves you, its true. he might make some big mistakes but thats only because hes confused and needs help from his friends to show him what he should do. also is a loveable guy that is happy most of the time, but can be heartbroken sometimes and even angry, so don't mess with an Arturo
big but arturo but sexyy boxer and call of duty lover
by her233566 November 28, 2011
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1) A sexy and handsome Mexican Man
2) A great father and partner
3) Intelligent and hard working
4) A great lover and very loyal
5) Who is a passionate lover
6) Who is my best friend
7) The best software engineer in Oceania

8) Who makes me climax
9) A caring man
10) The man of my life
Arturo is a very loving man, who makes passionate love to me.
by naty May 29, 2012
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a wonderful guy i once shared my heart with, but i guess i just wasnt interesting enough for him.. i love him with all my heart and i hope he finds the right girl one day <3
by ~love_of_hugs~ November 13, 2011
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