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To smack a fruit fly out of the air on the first attempt.
Used as an exclamation when successful.

From the Obama interview where he does the same, causing a PETA scandal.
by missfraz May 16, 2012
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A thick version of santorum, often occurring after having anal sex with someone who was dingleberries. Used in construction, rubber cement, and cheap hair products.
Obama is surprisingly useful.
via giphy
by pill cosby March 07, 2017
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The current President of the United States of America, originally a senator from Illinois
This is the only non-biased definition of Barack Obama on urbandictionary as of today.
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Sexual reference in which you tell your female partner you're going to pull out, but you CHANGE your mind after getting "into office"
My girlfriend just told me we have another kid on the way, because I pulled an Obama a couple weeks ago.
by The PropheTeeR April 02, 2010
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The 44th President of the U.S. First African American President, and the coolest President to ever be elected
Obama is the coolest man alive bruh.
by Jct3 July 06, 2015
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