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superficially critical of some unseemly aspect of the political process without necessarily forswearing the practice itself
Barack Obama, in a classic Obamaism, artfully explained how the new pinstripe patronage worked: a politician rewards the law firms, developers, and brokerage houses with contracts, and in return they pay for the new ad campaigns necessary for re-election.
by a cellar door August 24, 2009
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The act of making simple promises and then later not following through with them.
Guy 1: Hey can I borrow a dollar? I'll pay you back tomorrow.
Guy 2: Sure thing!


Guy 2: Hey where's my dollar?
Guy 1: Oh, about that-
Guy 2: Stop right there. I don't want any of this obamaism. I want my dollar back.
by Banhfun January 09, 2014
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Making alot of promises to people to get them baffled into beliving in what you stand for. Using false promises to win an election
Man, I really thought I was gonna gets my welfare check. Instead it was just alot of Obamaism.
by The Liberalsuckit November 10, 2008
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Obama-style collectivism. Barack Obama's political principle of centralized social and economic control.
George Soros' recognizes Obamaism as the perfect scheme for harmonizing tribalism and socialism.
by Paddy Ferris November 19, 2008
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any quote that comes out of senator Barrack Obama's mouth
obama stated that all dogs have fleas the media jumped on this and called it an obamaism
by jour mom October 09, 2008
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A word used portray the act of leading a nation towards change and prosperity. "Yes We Can" is the saying that is reflected apon the word. Obamaism is derived from the root term Obama.
Pronounced: Obama-ism.
Person 1: Dude, what are your political veiws?

Person 2: Man, thats easy! I beleive in Obamaism.
by Yes We Can November 08, 2008
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