The best presdient ever <3
Barney: who's Obama?
You: The best presient ever :3
by ObamaThe Cat August 12, 2016
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(guy)Hey did you hear?
(other guy)Hear what?
(guy)Obama is our new president!
(other guy)Bush is out!
by preppyhollisterssuck March 05, 2009
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O.B.A.M.A., or simply, Obama (acronym):

Our Best American Miracle Alternative.
Person 1: I just don't see how we can have much hope after the nose-dive our country has taken.

Person 2: Well, it's possible that an Obama could happen.
by pie eye June 18, 2009
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A Mixed Blk/White Democratic presidential nominee from Illinois who gives vague yet kick ass speeches. He has a strong fan based amongst younger Americans especially on college campuses.
Obama made the slogan "Yes we can" very popular as well as the fist bump.
by Sandra Di July 11, 2008
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