1. chillin
2. chilling in style (this takes practice)
1. "what chu doin?"

by cuco October 5, 2003
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Chilling in the best way possible
"I'm just maxin, relaxin, it aint too taxin!"
by Booga December 15, 2003
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maxing out on all the food after gettin blowed
damn man i got the munchies i need to max!
by MrGrinch January 30, 2004
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Friend: you maxing that couple bruh?

Playa: hell yeah I'm maxing them
by mhunny23 October 11, 2014
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The elaborate act of creating mix CD's. The love child of "making" and "mixes". Often a hobby.

Oh, you know, maxing.
by Riverland Whale June 18, 2006
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An extrememely unpopular name given to a few unlucky children of aged hippies.
Maxing, your aged hippie mom must have really wanted you to be a huge looser by cursing you with such a crappy name.
by cadaver September 2, 2007
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consuming so much alcohol that you defacatein your pants while unconcious
yo did you hear about that party last night?. max was maxing himself all night
by tead November 12, 2005
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