1. to eat, drink, consume something in one swift motion, all at once.

2. to take in all at once.
1. I pinstriped a whole bag of chips in one sitting.

2. Jackie pinstriped Sean's bone last night, it was incredible. I couldnt believe she got it down!
by Bimbamiknowyouwantsome January 25, 2009
We pinstriped that bitch in Boston, let her find her own way home.
by Jennifer McDonald Cox October 27, 2012
to vomit out the window of a moving car, causing it to spear across the door and quarter panel.
The night was going good till the drunk broad I took home pinstriped the car.
by svenhem July 29, 2010
A term describing a large women who more than likely prefers it up the back passage.

First heard in a late night eating establishment in Lemington UK. A larger than life women leaning over the counter to grab her Kebab pressented a view to the other diners that was somewhat distressing to their digestion. She was of the build where doggy style would be the only option. She was wearing pin stripe trousers
She's a bi of a pinstriper...
by The Excession September 26, 2003
when a girl is really fat and wears a shirt that does not cover her entire back and when you see her back the stretch marks are so numerous and close together it looks like "pinstripes"
Gross, she has pinstripes like a cincinnati reds jersey
by face melter May 3, 2009
Some say that reel big fish is better but this is not true. The Pinstripes are the best ska band ever.
I love The Pinstripes soooooo much! They are so good!
by Matt Kursmark May 12, 2004
When having vaginal sex in the doggy style position, the guy inserts his index finger into her asshole, removing a globule of shit. When she turs around to ask what the fuck he thinks he is doing, he attempts to paint a line from the closest side of her face down the length of her body. Extra points if he makes it to her ankle before she presses charges.
Bro 1: Dude, you and Krista are still down for that 5fdp show Friday, right?

Bro 2: Nah. I gave her the old Himalayan Pinstripe the other day, so we are done, I am broke from posting bail, and the judge said I couldn't leave the county...
by Mjolnir12982 June 15, 2016