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n. An Orthodox (Jewish) girl. These chicks drive secular guys crazy because of the alluring appeal of their perceived innocence. Synonyms include dox, nash and denim skirt.
"Damn, i wish i could get some of that O-girl action!"
by The Raging Bull February 20, 2005
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Slightly more frum or observant then a MO - Girl.
Randy: Tova, you have my stamp of approvel as an O-girl.
Tova: Yay!
by Brown Eyed Girl June 07, 2005
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A female worshipper of the great god Shrek. Someone who has given there life, body and soul to Shrek and would do anything for our Ogrelord. They generally pray to Shrek each and everyday and eat only the holy food which are onions. They are also anti-Farquad (the anti-Shrek) and will kill any one who says the evil words: Shrek is Drek.
"I am an Ogirl and I give my life to Shrek"
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by ShrekWorshipper123 June 01, 2018
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A girl that looks like an ogre; fat and ugly.
Anna: Hey, stud. Wanna dance?
Chad: Sorry, i don't talk to ogirls.
by morot4 August 09, 2015
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