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Adj. Having the qualities of a tormentor or bully; A popular surname suffix in the Republic of Georgia, whose denizens are infamous for the strong-arm tactics they purportedly employ in order to reach the top of the food chain (e.g. Joseph Stalin, née Ioseb Jughashvili).
Friend: You’re nephew just threw a kid almost twice his size to the ground!
Me: Yup, that little tyke is a bona fide shvili.
by The Raging Bull April 29, 2005
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adj. When an action or statement elicits consternation in the form of that quintessential Jewish diphthong "oy!"
"Dina's OTD anecdotes are always very diphthong-worthy. As her friends, we feel the most effective way to shore up her tenuous o-girl status is through enrollment at an accredited seminary."
by The Raging Bull April 8, 2005
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adj. Drop-dead gorgeous (harif is a sharp spice that Israelis enjoy eating with their falafels & hummus). Note: should be pronounced with a guttural-sounding "H" for dramatic effect.
Hey motek, has anybody ever told you that you are hot like harif?
by The Raging Bull August 4, 2005
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n. Short for "web abbreviation." These internet acronyms either contribute to our rich online culture or expedite the demise of intellectual civilization (depending on who you ask). Some popular webbreviations include lol, brb, ttyl, btw & idk.
Steve: How would I look in a cape?
Randy: idk
Steve: Whatever. I'll never be able to pull it off as well as Dina anyway.
Randy: lol
Steve: Randy, stop that!
Randy: Stop what?
Steve: You've gotta be the only loser who uses webbreviations when chatting in person.
by The Raging Bull August 1, 2005
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n. "Yeshiva boy." These are the only guys who have a chance with O-girls, to the dismay of many.
"If only I could be a Y-boy for just one day. That would be the sweetest thing of all..."
by The Raging Bull February 21, 2005
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n. Suspicious package. This is something that the citizens of Israel are all too familiar with. Unfortunately, it has also recently been added to the vernacular of the Americans and British. May G-d smite the terrorist heathen once and for all!
If you see an SP, immediately notify a police officer in close proximity.
by The Raging Bull July 27, 2005
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n. O-girl radar; Sometimes, intrepid O-girls decide to wear skirts made of fabrics other than denim. Since these broads don't have any other distinguishing features - such as the yarmulkes worn by their male counterparts - this may confound those who are unable to pick up orthodox vibes.
Yitzhak: Is that chick an o-girl or is she just wearing a skirt because formal attire is required?
Moishe: Dude, that "chick" is Rebbetzin Goldberg!
Yitzhak: Oy, my O-dar is pitiful.
Moishe: Yeah, tell me about it.
by The Raging Bull April 13, 2005
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