The most amazing, awesome, kind, talented, beautiful, attractive, modest and overall perfect girl in the multiverse.
Damn! I heard that that girl isn't only a ten in hottness, but an altogether Tova!!
by qtgirl95 September 05, 2011
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1. Hebrew name, female; Means "good girl" in traditional and modern Hebrew.
2. Swedish name, female; Means "beautiful thunder," derived from Ancient Swedish root words (see, they're awesome).
3. A unique, witty, and very emotional teenager working hard to write and publish her works.
"Tova loves Charles Dickens's subtle social commentary throughout his literary career."
by Tova May 25, 2005
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She seems like a bitch but once you get to know her you realize shed die for you. Can be ghetto but at the same time preppy as fuck. Do to how fucked up their lives are, they are usually dog moms. they're goofy and has a weird sense of humor. They will give you the best advice and will cook for you. Tovas are into horoscopes and always over analyze shit. she Has mostly guy friends but has that one bestie girl friend who is with her at all times. She’s chill bruh. If you are ever lucky enough to meet one, stay clear of her until she gives you the green light.
simi:"Tova?? Oreo took a shit in my room again"
Tova: *Looks at oreo the evil shitter dog* "Yesss. I would fuck"
by Simdawgg March 25, 2019
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Tong, Oren, and Vlad Against Eric
"T" "O" "V"
THere's really no example...
by Oren, "O" December 10, 2004
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A very complicated and intricate company formed by three-posse kids codenamed “T”, “O”, and “V”. Together they create the group of TOVAE. The company originally started as “T”, “O”, “V” Against Eric, but due to recent improvements in the quality of the company, it can also be Against Everybody, or Everyone, if you prefer.
In this massive yet inconspicuous company, there are multiple divisions. There is the LeStalkers division, which is in charge of R&D (research and development). Like the nickname suggests, two members usually stalk unwary classmates to find information that can be exploited and used to destroy that fellow peer.
There is also the Inside Looters division, which is in charge of delivering and distributing different newsletter, informing classmates about hackings, crushes, secrets, locker combos, and the sort.
Currently, there is one more division, the HP.
HP stands for Hate Projects, which are assignments that all the members of TOVAE engage in, for it is used to hurt others.
What is TOVAE PRODUCTIONS’ line of work anyway, you ask?
I’m not entirely sure, but you can be sure it falls under the categories of extortion, seizing, interrogation, stalking, stealing, etc.
TOVAE PRODUCTIONS is a registered trademark of Analgesic Productions, Inc.

©2004 Analgesic Productions. All rights reserved. LeStalkers, Inside Looters®, Insider’s Report®, HP®, TOVAE®, TOVAE PRODUCTIONS®, and ANALGESIC PRODUCTIONS INC.® are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Analgesic Productions in Canada and/or other countries.

Inside Looters®:
“We know where you live…:D”™

”Hate is the best motivation.”™

“We create pain, for pleasure.”™
"Dude, have you got the latest on HP?"
"No, is it good?"
"Man, you haven't lived till you hate someone!"
by Solstice Wolfkin aka "T" December 11, 2004
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