To place the testicles inside the female vagina during intercourse. This phrase is used sarcastically to encourage a friend to get with a girl.
Person "Oh I'm meeting Sarah tomorrow night"
Friend 1 "Good luck mate"
Friend 2 B "Nuts in!"
by Gidiot June 4, 2011
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The action of completely submerging ones testicles in peanut butter(creamy or crunchy) then someone gobbles gurgles and wipes clean the nutsack to the point of shine.
My uncle forced me to give him a nut nut the other day
by GregHeffleysNuts February 8, 2021
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An engulfing ejaculation so powerful that it will not only blow your dickhead off, but it will stretch your dickhole so far that everything dribbles out and you can make hand signs with the excess skin.
Becky: "Ew, why yo dick dribbling?"
Randy: "Cause I just had the biggest nut nut of my life."
by AnalWolfe November 16, 2016
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having the best possible high and low hands in any split poker game, i.e. Stud 8 or Omaha 8.
Layne! Can you say nut nut?

-Scotty Nguyen
by luxloomis October 2, 2008
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The act of ejaculating into the vagina / anus from the erected penis . Which will also be known as nutted in .
Girl : Did you get to pull out last night ?
Boy : Ohh , fuck . I think I nutted in your gapped asshole !
by xNigga September 27, 2018
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v. I'm bouts to nut!

n. I bust my nut on that bitch ass!
by TimmyT June 6, 2003
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