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A common result of a rowdy house party. One rude individual defecates on the toilet seat and proceeds to flatten the terd with the toilet cover resulting in something similar to the delicious hazelnut spread in between two Wonderbread slices.
Cory: Yo! What's on your pants bitch??
Jackie: huh?
Cory: did you just come from the bathroom?
Jackie: yeaah why?
Cory: You sat in my nutella sandwich! hahahaha
by mcfrato954 March 11, 2010
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To make a nutella sandwhich spread feaces onto or "shit" on your partners frontside and then from a height jump on to your partner creating a sandwich. For maximum enjoyment both you and your partner should be naked.
Jon says: Jen, do you fancy a nutella sandwich ;)
Jen says: fuck off you weirdo
by fruitshoot November 23, 2007
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This is the result of dropping a nasty deuce only to find there is no toilet paper. Victims of this situation will have to get up, while still soiled, and find a new source to wipe them clean. This action of standing up causes the fecal matter to be pressed between the buns of the victim creating a sandwich-like situation in their pants. You can also think of this like the Rorschach ink blot test, but much shittier.
That guy just took a dump and there's no toilet paper; Is he rocking a Nutella Sandwich...?
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by A-Fizzle-My-Nizzle December 11, 2019
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