Associated with the infamous sex move, the Alabama Hot Pocket. The penis owner, or strap wearer, inserts their girthy attachment into the anus of another party, in which their anus is encrusted in what is widely known as ‘shit’. The penis owner/strap wearer proceeds to perform an act of sodomy (with consent) against the party whose anus is encrusted in shit. This sex act is known as the “Nutella Sandwich” because the walls of the anus represent two slices of bread whilst the feces represent nutella. The penis or strap represents a knife spreading the nutella.
Colton: Damn, I saw that clip of you performing the ‘Nutella Sandwich’ on your girl on your story last night! You really wanna be known for that?
Daniel: Damn straight, I graduate next year anyways. Before these bitches hop into my DMs wanting some sweets they need to know if they can handle my chocolate.
by sexy italian man October 6, 2020
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A common result of a rowdy house party. One rude individual defecates on the toilet seat and proceeds to flatten the terd with the toilet cover resulting in something similar to the delicious hazelnut spread in between two Wonderbread slices.
Cory: Yo! What's on your pants bitch??
Jackie: huh?
Cory: did you just come from the bathroom?
Jackie: yeaah why?
Cory: You sat in my nutella sandwich! hahahaha
by mcfrato954 March 12, 2010
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To drop a shit under someones door mat.
I dropped a huge nutella sandwich for that asshole that lives upstairs
by Poida_69 October 8, 2019
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To make a nutella sandwhich spread feaces onto or "shit" on your partners frontside and then from a height jump on to your partner creating a sandwich. For maximum enjoyment both you and your partner should be naked.
Jon says: Jen, do you fancy a nutella sandwich ;)
Jen says: fuck off you weirdo
by fruitshoot November 23, 2007
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When one shits inbetween a women's tiddies and claps her tiddies together vigorously, thus creating a messy Nutella sandwhich
"I had Mexican food last night and then me and the missus had a Messy Nutella sandwich
by Lachdog & JC September 5, 2018