Forceful pressure applied to one's nipple by another living thing. Varieties of nurples are defined by the color of the skin surrounding the areola post-nurple, the ideal post-nurple coloration being violet; hence, 'purple nurple.'
Popping out of the shadows, he deftly clamped his thumb and forefinger down upon Dave's nipple- a purple nurple had been administered.
by LuckyDuck May 5, 2004
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1) The after effect of the squeezing of the nipple. 2) Most refer to this as a "Purple Nurple".
I was given a purple nurple and it really hurt.
by billabongbeast13 November 29, 2009
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A word originating from South African Boarding schools, used to describe the colour of someone's backside after receiving a beating with a cane by a headmaster. Nurple is a combo of the words 'Numb' and 'Purple'...
ie. "I was beaten until I was nurple (numb and purple)...
by Kznlee April 4, 2011
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The code name for a significant other, which is used so you can talk about him/her during business hours without attracting suspicion.
"Boy, I love my Nurple," or "Have you seen my Nurple today?"
by therehburglar November 29, 2011
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the sibling of your brother or sister in law
"these are my brother-in-laws sisters - my nurples, Sally and Jen"
by schoolbus December 6, 2009
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Pregnant woman nipples. Usually grossly distended and the size of dinner plates.
"I wish I'd have the baby already. My nurples are sore."
by RousseauRetired June 2, 2009
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The useless "nipples" that are on male cats.
Grey kitty likes it when you rub his nurples.
by Stephen Packard August 5, 2007
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