Ive see Monika's nipples, they're like dinner plates.
by Caryy May 29, 2004
A term used to describe unusually large nipples
"My last girlfriend had really small breasts.. but her nipples were dinner plates!"
by laraleigh February 14, 2005
man i saw her tits n' shes got the dinner plates
by justin c. October 21, 2003
Dilated pupils due to Ecstasy use.
"Nice dinner plates mate.", the bouncer exclaimed as he lifted the rope and let me through.
by Fuschia 1983 January 31, 2008
spinners on a ryde that take up the entire rim space unable to see the actual rim behind spinner spinners
you mayng,check dem dinner plates on that 84 cut,dem thangz match the color of da car!
by Ted April 2, 2005
Extremely large nipples, normally found only on women.
Wow, she had some big ol' titties with with a pair of dinner plates that scared the hell out of me!
by Runs with Scissors October 14, 2005
Refering to the girl you have sexual intercourse with as dinner.
that girl with me is just my dinner plate.
by jacktheriper June 21, 2011