Legendary surname of super cool persons with stunning good looks and kick ass skills. Traits associated with such persons include, incredibly great timing and luck, the ability to draw all attention in the room, the ability to evoke emotions such as love/lust at first sight, and the ability to hypnotize you and make a groupie out of you.....(beware)


Although Nuño is a surname it will most often overshadow any other name in conjunction with it.
"dude dont fkk with that guy...he will Nuno your ass up"

"....aww dude that chick is a total hottie...but shes a Nuno....way out of my league..."

"did you see that hot ass hunk? What a fkkn Nuno....(sighs)"

person 1: "hi, my names David Nuno"
person 2: "WOW, thats a bad ass last name man, can I just call you Nuno?"
by Doctrinaire NUNO December 18, 2009
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Tall, dark, and handsome man of Portuguese descent. A romantic with thick wavy hair that women can't help but touch. Adventurous, spontaneous and fun-loving, both men and women are drawn to his magnetic charm. An extraordinary man in every way.
Girl to friend: "Sorry, I didn't hear a word you said after than guy smiled at me...he's such a Nuno! I so need to run my fingers through his hair.
by inloveinpt February 5, 2010
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An amazing person, way better than Miguel. He carries the biggest cock around the block. My man came straight from heaven, my man can be cooking while fucking the whole neighbourhood. He is probably the smartest and beautifull man alive! ( Has a big slimmy ass)
Oh look, it's the hardest guy in the world, I wish Nuno fucked my mom!
by Cão Azul November 26, 2021
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Has the prettiest lips and the softest hair. His eyes are always shining like stars. He's a cute boy who's always there to motivate and support you. Will consistently compliment you but won't accept he's the most beautiful boy in the world.
Nuno is such a waifu, look at that ass. Damn boy!
I hate spanish people, except for Nuno, of course.
by marififi June 3, 2020
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Surname Bettencourt, Guitarist with Extreme (the best band ever). The best and sexiest guitarist ever, too.
Is of Portugese origin.
Check out Nuno's killer solo on Mutha (I Don't Wanna Go To School Today)
by TimFS December 28, 2005
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1. A person with a large dick.

2. A pimp.

3. A person who will become successful in some way.
He is such a Nuno, I wish i was him.
by Random stranger qazxsw February 3, 2017
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Nuno, you are such a Portuguese slaver, all you is whip the Spic.
by Anonymous April 12, 2003
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