In the kitchen, a 'numpty' refers to the person or persons who :

a) Leave empty boxes in fridges and storage areas
b) thaw chicken stock in hot water
c) use 9 different containers for the same product
d) dont have a clue of wtf is going on around them
"That new kid is a right numpty"

"have you seen the numpty who left this empty box in the freezer?"
by Phil Scarfone July 26, 2007
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computer illiterate people that really think the computer can think for itself, cook its own dinner and do the ironing, will have the ultimate answer to everything and doesnt need any numpty input.
The numpty always rings customer services because they can't find the "any" key!!!
by numpty dodger October 10, 2006
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noun, substantive; person who is a complete ass in every way
Joseph Sarandos, the moderator, user and subject of discussion at forum.searchingjenin.com, is the chief of all numpties
by Larry Hagman October 08, 2003
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A complete blooming idiot, one who needs to have one's eyes slapped out. A candidate for the Darwin Awards.
That Hammock is a f**king numpty!
by beffkin March 19, 2003
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