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Another term for a 'burp', to loudly expel air from the mouth.
"Them fizzy drinks really make me belch."
by Mad Walrus August 7, 2002
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In fighting games, when a player defeats an enemy who was blocking (throws excepted). Used in Darkstalkers 3, and alternatives like 'cheap', 'cheese', and 'super cheese' are used in various Capcom-branded fighting games.
"Whup my ass with a cheap finish, eh? Time to feed the Vengeance Monster!"
by Mad Walrus December 23, 2002
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The process of using rockets to achieve added height when jumping in a game of Quake.
"Got to the Quad Damage via a well timed rocket jump."
by Mad Walrus August 7, 2002
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Awarded to a player who finishes off an opponent who is blocking, in a game of Street Fighter
"I was blocking, but the Shinkuu Hadoken super cheesed me.."
by Mad Walrus August 4, 2002
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Means something like "Surge Fist" in Japanese. Is a fireball used by Ryu and Ken in Street Fighter.
"Don't cheese me with them hadokens!"
by Mad Walrus August 6, 2002
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