A Number 3 is described as the "ultimate intense severe fecal explosion," the highest level of bowel movements, a situation much more intense and severe than explosive diarreah. Some cases of Number 3, can become fatal. Prior to a Number 3, one's body will start feeling tremors throughout the body, starting from the toe nails all the way up through one's torso and into the stomach and intenstines and through the heart. During the occurence of a Number 3, extreme seizure-like twitching will happen, alongside foaming of the mouth and bleeding of the eyes, nose, and ears. The force of the poisionous gaseous liquid fecal matter tears through the victim's anus with the force of a train and is strong enough to paralyze a victim within 5 seconds. The occurence of a Number 3 typically lasts from 25 seconds to a painful 2 minutes, leaving the victim lifeless and faceplanted on the bathroom floor. Following a Number 3, one's entire set of organs is completely depleted of any water, and blood, and the victim's soul is comprimised. In addition, the bathroom or location of the occurence is almost always deemed unfit for humans and must be bulldozed or razed and set on fire. The clothing of the victim following a Number 3 must also be burned.
"Oh my lord, this grande beef burrito is going to make me go Number 3! Get me a new change of clothes and call 911!"
by Ryan Cunningham September 05, 2007
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The act of taking a shit in a bidet. Usually done by American tourists in European countries who come back to their hotel rooms drunk off their ass.
I made sure to leave an extra large tip for the cleaning lady because I had accidentally gone number 3 the night before.
by thehunger August 24, 2007
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Number 3 means full sex with a woman. Ask and agree = three - rhyming slang.
Men often visit prostitutes for Number 3
by Stias September 04, 2005
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Taking a crap so big that it exceeds Number 2 status. A crap so large that you only see, hear about or experience it on a few occasions a lifetime. It is so big a plunger can't even begin to have an effect on it.
Man I wouldn't go in there because Johnny just took a Number 3 and a plumber is on the way to unclog the pipes.
by BackDoorMan84 August 31, 2014
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