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The correct answer to the question "What's up?"

In 3-dimensional Cartesian terms, the x-axis is east and west, the y-axis is north and south, and the z-axis is up and down. So the positive z-axis is what's up.
Guy 1: "What's up, man?"
Guy 2: "The positive z-axis."
Guy 1: *rolls eyes*
by MarshoT November 30, 2009
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To vomit into a toilet. Typically done after a long night of drinking.
"Gross...someone's number 2 is gonna make me go number 3!"
by MarshoT December 1, 2009
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To fall to your death as a result of negligence or stupidity. The term comes from Urban Terror, a popular free online FPS.
"Joe decided to do the lemming thing rather than face us in battle."
"What a coward. Or maybe just an idiot."
by MarshoT September 13, 2009
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