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After Dick had a wet dream, he woke up the next morning with balldust in his boxers.
by Goofnut March 28, 2018
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A tampon, especially a used, bloody one.
The trash can in the bathroom is full of my sister’s dried rats.
by Goofnut May 3, 2021
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Something you can smell before you see or hear it (e.g., shit, fire, dirty pussy, politicians, etc.) .
James’ inner nostrildamus knew when the pie was ready.

Suzy was such a nostrildamus for finding trouble.
by Goofnut June 3, 2021
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While making a sunday in Whitehall, Montana, a waitress wondered if the whipped cream nozzle might fit up her asshole. She blew a cold cloud of Reddiwip up herself, but when it melted,

it ran down her leg like she’d pulled a

train at the 4-H Club, and she got “canned.” But her boyfriend wasn’t upset at all.

To do a white cloud, also known as a Whitehall or a milk river, sray a cold load of whipped cream up your partner’s asshole, remembering to shake well first. Then, suck it out, or wait till it liquifies and enjoy the milky river.
His girlfriend gave him a white cloud, but it was so cold his asshole went numb.
by Goofnut December 12, 2017
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A replacement name for “monkey pox,” because the current name for the disease has disparaging, racist connotations against Black people. Since King Leopold II, the king of Belgium, presided over decades of murderous, torturous treatment of black Africans, it would be a just turning of tables against the cocksucker and his subordinates.
Leo was diagnosed with monkey pox, but it turns out he actually had Belgian pox.
by Goofnut August 20, 2022
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