the thing growing out of ur lower back...often round and SEXXAY
by Jenna July 29, 2003
its what you say when your bum is to big.
Huge Bum Man: My Bum Is To Big.
by Mr. Wibble April 27, 2008
of annoyance much like a pain in my arse.
Steve, can you stop being a plum in my bum!
by Twisticals May 11, 2015
An expression of abject surprise; the user is so shocked that he/she has transcended the boundary between noun and verb and utilsed the word 'cock' as the latter.
Prima: Dude, Elly just pissed all over your cat while it was sleeping.

Secunda: Cock my bum.
by Michael B Hawke October 6, 2009
lick someones' ass
they didn't give me the job...they can scum my bum!!
by michael foolsley December 8, 2009
A Liverpool expression meaning you are really annoyed by something.
I lost my car keys yesterday, I saw my bum!
by AvaDisarm May 31, 2010
This is a couples' game; you blindfold one participant, then the other person sticks a digit in their bum and a digit in their partner's bum, one digit from each hand.
Then, wave the differing fingers under the blindfolded participant's nose, to see if they can guess which finger is which, whilst repeating with each finger swap... "My bum.... your bum?!"
Let's play my bum your bum...

I recognise that shit smell anywhere.... that's not my bum , that's YOUR BUM !
by dylanpenguin August 9, 2017