What my dog did on my sisters bedroom floor last night...a good old dump right beside her baseball jersey. really says something about her team
last night my dog did this huge number 2 on the floor... she had sleep on the sofa.
by ??????? ????? September 1, 2010
Uhhh, could i getta number 2 with a coke and supa size that shiet!
by DeeZNutZ July 29, 2003
A thing you do while watching YouTube
Bartholomew: Hay ima go The number 2
Dick: gonna watch YouTube
Bartholomew: hell yea
by EverythingIsTakenSoThisIsMyUse November 16, 2019
The second choice in the mental exercise 'Would You Rather?' It refers to having some dude with a giant dong bang you in the ass.
Would you rather do (insert anything here) or option number 2?
by yourefired December 29, 2011
Basically, the same thing as the poop chute, butthole, anus, or whatever flavor-of-the-week saying you have where you excrete feces.
Dude, that chick definitely wanted me to put it in door number 2.
by J. Saynt April 16, 2009
The blue-gray mark left perminantly in your outer layer of skin (epidermis) after getting stabbed or stabbing yourself with with a pencil. (commonly a number 2 pencil) It can either contain the lead (actually graphite) still inside or can just be particles that are visible through the skin. There is currently no way to remove it.
Remember when you stabbed me with a pencil last year? I still have a number 2 tatoo.
by fraxinus December 3, 2015