When a women has partaken in sexual activity too often and is left with pussy lips that can be compared to an Arby's roast beef sandwich
Man 1 "dude I think I'm going to try and sleep with Jessica."
Man 2 " nah man I heard she's got an Arby's number 2."
Man 1 "forget it that's disgusting."
by Tito Hughes December 11, 2014
(n): When two or more sexual partners are involved. One partner(male or female) sits on the face of the other partner, and then defecates. They then continue to urinate in their mouth.
Johnny: I was at that party with Lisa last night, and she had us leave to go get a number 2 with cheese.... I wasn't THAT hungry.

Dave: Don't worry man, Jessica gave me a 2 with Cheese last week. The taste goes away after a day or so.
by thepilotboy December 5, 2011
Anal, The secondary pussy. Having anal sex.

The asshole of a female
Person 1 "How was Amy's last night?"
Person 2 "She finally gave it up!"
Person 1 "Pussy?"
Person 2 "Number 2 Pussy at that!"
Person 1 "You lucky motherfucker"
by #shitmikesays April 6, 2012
In South Park the TV show, Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Cartman found a place underground where gnomes work constantly; step number one is to steal underwear, step three is to take over the world and no one knows what step two is.
Stan:"So what do you do?"
Gnome:"Step one, steal underpants. Step three take over the world!!"
Stan:"So what is step number 2?"
Gnome 1 :*pauses*"um, hey guys what's step two?"
Gnome 2 :*shruggs* "I don't know."
by he who stands there July 2, 2006
Mr. Keith was being bitched at about a students grade and responded with, rule number 2
by theceo June 8, 2011
When a Dude takes a leak standing up. with his pants down around his ankles
Mike " Im gonna take a number 2 pee"
The Boys " Dude the cops are right over there! "
by yunior May 14, 2008
Reference to Afro-Samurai, the popular Anime starring Samuel L. Jackson (voice) as the title character.

In a futuristic yet feudal Japan, it is said that the one who wields the Number 1 headband is the fiercest fighter in the world and shall possess godlike powers. The only way to obtain the Number 1 headband is to challenge and defeat him in combat. However, only the Number 2 can challenge the Number 1, while anyone can challenge the Number 2, which causes a constant struggle for the Number 2 headband.

This is used when it seems like EVERYONE has a bone to pick with you in a given day
dude, my girlfriends pissed at me, my roommate's on my case, my co-workers left me with a pile of work and my boss says im on thin ice -- I must be wearing the number 2 headband
by Dyrk Diggler March 16, 2011