It means it makes you laugh at your own jokes.
Boy: What did the dog say to the camel?
Girl: What?
Boy: rough!
Boys mind: What do you think of that mr person number 2?
mr person number 2: aaah oooh eeee aaah
Girl: Thats not funny.

by 7778 April 29, 2008
*cj ryder and sweet are looking at big smoke while he is taking his order=*

i have 2 number 9's a number 9 large a number 6 with extra dip 2 number 45's one with cheese and a large soda
by Yung heroni November 13, 2016
For all of you ho's testing
On the number 2 pencil for all of you ho's testing. Basically if you want to test me I have the Lead for you
by Love number 1 period April 28, 2019