What 8th graders send all the time, and then they get leaked.
Stacey's nudes got leaked, and she got suspended for 3 days.
by Delaneyab March 23, 2018
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adv., v. or adj. to be found out, caught, exposed somehow.-- verb form: to out or expose.
Yeah, Gerald be dun nuded on dat bogus rap he toll his ole lady bout lass night. She got da truff from Sheri, an he be mash now.

Giffy nuded Ty big time on the deal that really went down.
by galcoolest July 16, 2005
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Something she'll send u went she wants attention
she sent me her nudes and it jumped straight up
by Ozzy The Gamer Dog October 27, 2020
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verb; The act of seeking buyers for your nude photos and selfies. Commonly practiced through internet using cashapp or venmo for payment.
I’m broke af rn, so I’m gonna go Nuding on the internet and see if I can get these simps to pay me!
by subversiveindieca March 25, 2020
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Nude pics a chick posts of herself in a forum. Often times if a hottie posts a regular pic, the other posters will keep asking for "nudes?" or "n00dz plz."
The pics thread was at the top with 300 users online. Some chick must have posted nudes.
by madmaxxx March 04, 2005
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What brooklyn showed to David in 2nd period English
David-hey what's that on your phone

Brooklyn-oh nothing just my nudes

David-oh nice ass
by Hunterhater98 December 27, 2017
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