someone who will always be with and support their friends with an undying passion and doesnt care who knows about it
superfriend is used by soulja boy
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A person that is always there for his/her friends, no matter what, occasionally running aroung in a cape shouting at the top of their lungs, that they are, indeed, a Super Friend.
by Christina_Chaos September 18, 2007
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One who possesses such qualities as an undying love for Martha Stewart and Britney Spears, enjoys a good round of golf, or can cook up a mean stew.
So, I was sitting there watching Martha Stewart Living when my superfriend Mari calls to see if I want to hit up the driving range and indulge in some hot stew afterward. Man, what a superfriend.
by SuperfriendGARY March 07, 2004
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You usually find out your SUPER FRIENDS with someone when you are both extremely blazed or wasted. This condition of being SUPER FRIENDS does not end with the high however, and will remain beyond the death of both SUPER FRIENDS.
guy 1: Man I love hanging out with you man... I love you man, like your more than a friend to me you know... like our love is soo intense, dude... we're like SUPER FRIENDS.
guy 2: SUPER FRIENDS! Wooowww....
guy 1: NO HOMO
by MC_Hammer May 24, 2010
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Super nice French girl that picks you up when you are falling down. A ray of sunshine on an otherwise cloudy day.
A super friend delivers presents such as Trident, Cards, Food and Reese's.
by Daniel Pennypacker April 07, 2006
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dumba** idiot ignoramus
a word used to describe someone who is for lack of a better phrase stupid.
besides being used as a noun it can also be and adjective.excellent for kids who aren't allowed to curse or call people stupid.
christina:did you hear that jasmine flunked out of algebra because she was a no-show at finals?
ebony: yeah she is a real superfriend.

chris: hey did you check out my moves on the dancefloor?
xotchil: yeah you looked extra superfriendly.
xotchil:you are such a superfriend.
by ebony chappel July 29, 2005
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