In England, a nubbin is a clitoris.
Sometimes referred to as pleasure nubbin.
Lisa Riley's pleasure nubbin is the size of a plum.
by chris1h1 July 3, 2005
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When two women run clitoris’ together in a swift like manner or fashion. The nub being the bean. With an end result of sexual stimulation.
Erin and Chelsea love nubbin.
by Nubberz March 1, 2018
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It’s a small lump that shows that u have lost a limb. You will never be able to live a normal life again.
Tyler has a nubbin on his arm and doesn’t have a hand
by yourbestie August 21, 2018
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Bobby is deformed, look when he takes his shirt off we see he has a nubbin!
by nubbalicous July 23, 2005
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Nub is a slang term for a woman's clit. Nubbin' is the act of going down on a woman and...Well...You get the picture...
So, I was down on this chick, totally nubbin' her...
by bongo44 June 7, 2007
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