A word to describe something or someone that is very attractive, used in the context of being turned on.
Dr Coomer: "Look out Gordon! Hotted boobs up head! Tits, big ones!
by someidiotcalledknork November 19, 2020
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The greatest level of attractiveness, in which is determined by one's good character and impeccable morals.
Oh, he is profusely gallant, that's so hot.
by vanelmy May 18, 2013
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someone that you can't resist kissing or having sexwith. someone that makes you stare and drool and wish you guys are on the bed doing it.
that dude was soo hot that i want to fuck him up:)
man...that girl is so hot, im gonna hump her rightnnow!
im going to stick my dick in that hot girl's pussy.
that hot guy is going to let me suck his cock now!
by Cassidt Thirtin December 19, 2006
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(1) Opposite of cold.
(2) Sexually attrative.
(3) See "cool" or "awesome"
That was hot.
by jondapicam November 05, 2003
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