A fucking hot British actor who plays Spider-Man with a killer American accent. A petition has been started to make him the next James Bond. He like quacksons and teasing fans by not showing us more pictures of his hair. He also likes quackson, the songs "Sexual" and "Umbrella" and his dog Tessa.
"Tom Holland, post a picture of your damn hair you annoying, adorable bastard!"
"Tom Holland needs to go live and tell us about it!!"
by hollandilovetom September 9, 2017
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A. MAN. Who deserves nothing but happiness and love. Super hot and smol at the same time which is confusing but amazing. An inspiration to lots of people. He is loved by many because he's so flawless.
"Oh my god, I love Tom Holland so much."
"Did you see Tom Holland in Spiderman?"

"Tom Holland is a sexy motherfucker."
by tomhollandings August 7, 2017
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Tom Holland is an English actor and dancer. He is known for playing Spider-Man in the MCU, the title role in Billy Elliot the Musical in London, and for starring in the 2012 film The Impossible. EE Rising Star Winner at the BAFTAs 2017. He pronounces croissant as quackson and has squirrels as friends. Real life Peter Parker. Gets roasted for only reposting on instagram.
"Tom Holland and Peter Parker are literally the same person."
by SpideySarah March 1, 2017
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A man who is kind, sweet, and generous. He is hot AF!! and British. He is the most perfect man alive. He plays the new Spider-Man so that makes him even better!! He is the best actor in the whole acting universe! There is nothing about him that you can’t like about him. Tom is hot and you know it!! He regrets doing the Rihanna lip sync battle. He can’t say “crossaint” right, but he says “quackson” instead. He is really good friends with Harrison Osterfield, Zendaya, and Jacob Batalon.
Tom Holland is Spider-Man so shut your face!
by tomhollanad20l3 January 17, 2018
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An absolute cutie pie. He is most commonly known for playing Spiderman in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He owns the cutest dog ever called Tessa and he is really tricking us all with this shaved hair thing. Quackson is the worst possible pronunciation of croissant but it also might be the correct way to pronounce it. The fandom is so shook.
Tom Holland is not dating Zendaya, but to be honest they would be a cute couple.
by DANY+JON=REAL August 18, 2017
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Starred in 2017’s Marvel Spider-Man: Homecoming, as well as the Broadway musical Billy Elliot, with a variety of other movies such as The Impossible, Heart of the Sea, etc. Is rumoured to hold a frog in his mouth ( potentially Finn Wolfard from Stranger Things ) and prounounces crossaint as quackson. Sweetest, most visually pleasing, funny guy on the planet. Is best friends with someone who like to make YouTube videos on how to cut on hot bread, and has three brothers, one of who loves a hot cup of extremely milky tea. Is incapable of using Silly String.
Shut your face, I’m Spider-Man” - Tom Holland
by Would_Die_For_Peter_Parker December 3, 2017
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A man who is sweet, kind, and very generous! Who can’t say the word “crossaint” right, but instead says “Quackson” he now regrets doing the Rihanna lip sync battle. The most perfect man in the world. Hot AF!!! and you can’t doubt that! He’s british and he’s Spider-Man so ya.
Tom Holland is the best Spider-Man ever!
by tomhollanad20l3 January 17, 2018
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