A hot girl is an extremely good looking, attractive, beautiful, or pretty woman. All of the words basically mean the same thing.

Men are attracted to hot girls, and are willing to go to ridiculous lengths to gain their attention and love. This evolutionary process of men chasing hot girls leads to reproduction, and the continued survival of the human species.
Men are willing to do a lot to have sex with a hot girl. This is evolution, and leads to more humans being created.
by Ultron Sigma July 12, 2019
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a girl that attracts guys and gives them boners and makes them want to do nasty things to her.
hay hot girl take your clothes off and let me eat your pussy
by bitchnigerfrombangcock April 20, 2009
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Two kinds of hot girls:

Good hot girl: A very kind, classy, open girl with a sweet smile who treats everybody equally as she would wish to be treated. She has a flawless and pretty face with a slender, fit physique, and is generally quite popular around her school, church, town, and with boys. However, she does not put anyone down for their looks or interests, and she does not think of herself as any better than someone else because of her looks or popularity. Despite her great disposition, many people immediately assume she is narcissistic or slutty out of pure jealousy. Contrary to popular belief, girls like these are actually fairly common.

Bad hot girl: A downright mean, cruel, and hurtful female who uses her looks as an advantage to treat less fortunate (if you can call it that) people like shit, whilst fucking her so-called "boyfriend" every night. She struts around the school with her equally bad posse gossiping and spreading hurtful rumors about folks who don't fit her definition of cool. These ones should always be avoided.
Ex.1(good hot girl)Jamie-"Oh, great. Here comes Amanda. Look at her, she thinks she's so cool."

Amanda to Jamie-"Hi, Jamie! How are you??"

Jamie-(whispered) "Pssh. Skank."

Brandon-"You know, I talked to Amanda yesterday and she is genuinely really nice! She even helped me on my algebra quiz!"

Jamie-"Wow, really? Well, maybe I should get to know her."

Ex.2(Bad hot girl)Jack-"Oh, great. Here comes Princess Roxanne Royalty III. Wow, she won't even acknowledge anyone else. I guess we're just not cool enough for her."

Jessica-"Yeah, yesterday her and her friends threw a textbook at me and called me fat."
by The Mandon November 7, 2010
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A very atractive girl. She's so hot that you may talk to her, sit by her and touch her thighs. If she dosent do or say anything. She probably likes you. This is usually happens at parties.
Guy1: dude I saw this hot girl at a party. So It made me flirt with her. I sat close to her and felt her legs. She did'nt say anything. Think she likes me? Guy1s friend: she defindly likes you. A hot girl letting you touch her? You should ask her out,
by sage thunder April 24, 2010
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hot girls are teens you would like to bang or have sex with or see naked
My friend said his girl friend wanted to bang him and said she`s a hot girls.
by calvin ortiz November 14, 2007
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