British slang for a cigarette.
Cigarettes are also called a grett or a chip.
You got a snout mate?
by ENGLAND! January 11, 2006
british slang for cigarettes and illicit tobacco in prisons.

can also mean anything unpleasant or nose and animal's muzzle.
'ere, got any snout?
by jakethejaffacake July 30, 2011
1: An animal's nose. Also used as an insult for someone with a big nose, or to describe a greedy businessman (eg: snout in the trough).
2: A cigarette (other slang terms for this include fag, cancer stick and coffin nail).
3: A police informant. The term presumably derives from the informant 'sniffing out villains'. Other slang terms for a police informant include grass, stool-pigeon and copper's nark.
"Getting snout in jail is a nightmare if you used to be a police snout".
by Stormsworder May 20, 2007
Irish term for protestants in the north of ireland. British term for illicit tobacco in prisons.
did ye see them snouts on the news last night attacking holy cross girls school with blast bombs and bottles filled with piss?
by da origanal playa May 17, 2006
The part of an animal's head that sticks out; also called the muzzle. Normally referring to the nose or the facial features around it.(jaws, ect...)
When that boar stuck it's huge snout in my face, I thought I was a gonner! Luckily, it only wanted to catch my scent.
by Raine Storms August 19, 2005
snout, otherwise known as nose
give us dat snout fewdz
by fwedz June 6, 2003
Singular or plural reference to cigarettes.
"Give us a snout."
"I need to get some snout."
by eon January 10, 2003