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A very handsome man that any woman would love to have. Compassionate, sexy, soft-hearted man who has a love for his family. A hardworking, intellegent man who has a great desire to help others in need. A Norwood can become excitable at times, especially during football season. Norwoods are loveable, and people are easily drawn to his charm.
Look at him helping his grandmother, how sweet, he must be a Norwood.
by Travislover February 15, 2010
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I am referring to Norwood, Massachusetts, a middle-class suburb 15 miles south-west of Boston.

Norwood is located near the geographic center of Norfolk County.

The town's population has remained relatively steady at around 30,000, although the demographics have changed somewhat over the last couple of decades.

Approximately 80% of the population is white, most of whom are Catholic (predominantly Irish, with smaller groups of Italian, Polish, and Lithuanian).

15% of the population is Asian, with an almost equal number of Middle Easteners and Indians.

The remaining population is mainly Brazilian and African-American.
Along with Marshfield, Braintree, and Stoneham, Norwood has traditionally been a bastion of Irish-American residents, many of whom are justifiably proud of their heritage.

There is a fairly large, and active, Middle Eastern community in Norwood. Iranians, Syrians, and Lebanese are the predominant groups. Norwood is one of the largest towns in Massachusetts with a sizeable Muslim population not to have a Mosque.

Norwood does have a Synagogue, although Muslims easily outnumber Jewish residents at least 10-1.

There is convenient mass transit to Boston. There are three Commuter Rail stops, Norwood Depot, Norwood Central, and Windsor Gardens.

In addition, the Forest Hills to Walpole bus traverses Washington Street.

Most Norwood neighborhoods are solidly middle-class with relatively little turnover.

Norwood has one of the highest concentrations of apartment and condominium complexes in the area. Windsor Gardens is noted not only for its train station, but also a large transient population, many of whom are Indian or Pakistani.

South Norwood, aka "The Flats," is a working-class neighborhood centered around the corner of Washington and Dean Streets. Some areas are somewhat seedy; many of the two-decker and three-decker homes look as if they came straight out of Jamaica Plain or Dorchester. I would hardly classify the area as "ghetto," though.

If there is a truly "posh" section of Norwood, it would be the area adjacent to Willett Pond/New Pond near St. Timothy's Church, plus the southern part of Nichols Street (and adjacent side streets). This area abuts the more-affluent town of Westwood.

Norwood is most famous to outsiders for the "Automile," along Route 1/Providence Highway. Although most Automile dealerships are indeed in Norwood, some dealerships are just across the town line in Dedham, Westwood, or Walpole.

The late Ernie Boch, Sr. is famous for spearheading the Automile. His strong accent was a staple in Boston media for years. Example: "Boch Toyota*, Route One Nah-wood, my name is Ernie Boch, come on down!"

* If I recall, he pronounced Toyota as "Tie-oda"
by DFJD May 10, 2006
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Norwood is a town just outside of Boston that has nothing more to offer the world than car dealerships and girls who believe there vaginas are to be used like turnstiles. If you live in Norwood you more than likely head down to Gus and Donnas every week to get your high and tight haircuts, and then go to Lewis' to show it off to the other townies drinking themselves into oblivion. Many people believe that the water supply in Norwood has some how been tainted because everyone in this town is paranoid to the point of utter insanity. Norwood is also home to one of the classiest streets in all of Massachusetts, Jefferson Drive.(I'm laying the sarcasm on thick here)Seriously though, if you are poor and love drugs this is the place to be. This street seems to have been transplanted in Norwood from some backwater hick-town in Alabama, but these are not the worst of people in Norwood. The worst that Norwood has to offer us are the droves of kids that think they are incredibly tough and will fight for no good reason to prove it. If you don't believe me stop by the "Krayzee Horse" on any given night. These kids feel like they are tough because they have families that moved to Norwood from actual tough towns like Southie or Dot when in actuality they are just over privledge pussies that would not last 5 minutes outside of their fantasy worlds they have created where they are tough low level mob thugs. G-unit shirts run wild in this town, not on the black kids either.
by Flashers November 08, 2007
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A town where everyone is either white or asian, and there are only two token black people, minority's do not exist in this town, and the ones that do, are the whitest black people ever. A town where the house keeper drops off your ronnies lunch everyday, and mommy and daddy say i love u with a 40,000 car. Home of the most beautiful women in the world, where even the mom's are still hot, fuck desperate housewives, Northwoods is where its at. Where the rich jew moms sleep with the landscapers cuase their husbands are in jail for stealing money. Where the kids have nothing better to do with their money than smoke pot and blow lines. Norwood the only town where people snort coc off peoples dicks, Its the smallest but greatest town in the world!
-"yo, nigga when ya get that whip?"
-"My 16th birthday kid!"
-"How much it cost?"
-"only 50 g's"
-"only in norwood"
by yooooooooooo April 18, 2006
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A town where they charge a ridiculous amount for property taxes in order to provide a salary for the ungrateful pigs who harass the residents who's taxes pay that salary and get drunk at the local bar to drive home wasted so they can risk the lives of the people they supposed to be protecting
by copsuck May 22, 2011
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Northern Irish slang for someone who is in or has affiliations with a protestant paramilitary group, specifically the UDA.
"I wouldn't slag off that girl Nicole, she is apparently a big Norwood".
by TheRussian01 June 07, 2018
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To take someone's work and present it as your own; plagiarizing. To present without proper credit or acknowledgement given.
"She Norwooded that essay you wrote!"

"I'm going to Norwood the picture I found on the photographer's website."
by dudeman72 May 20, 2008
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