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A combination of virgin and vagina. Used to refer to the female sex organ of a girl who hasn't had sex. If you are a virgin and you are a girl, you have a virgina. Not to be confused with the state, Virginia.
Yo, I finally got rid of my virgina last night with that hottie at the party!
by NellieBly March 06, 2009
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I vagina that still hasnt seen a penis
Dude this is the the first time Ive hyad sex with a virgina. It was so clean in there
by Chicken smacker October 04, 2009
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a vag with an unpopped cherry
fuck those stretched out beavers, i want a nice tight virgina
by highpocket79 April 15, 2010
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A term referring to a virgin vagina.
Brandon couldn't believe his luck. He was about to lose his virginity with his virgin friend, Alysha! He couldn't wait to get a piece of that virgina.
by Intelligent_Boner June 05, 2013
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A word describing a female with an extremely "tight" vaginal area. Though she is not a virgin, she is as tight as one.
Todd - "Yo Ethan, Shannon was so tight, she like totally had a virgina."
Ethan - "Whoa Todd. That's tight."
by Prof. Paul Jess December 02, 2007
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